1) How do I know I am ready for Focus Salon Suites?
Evaluate your client list; do you have a loyal base that provides you with a consistent stream of income? Because we all work together as a community of independent salon owners the community thrives only when you are successful - that is why we actively seek experienced stylists with a loyal client list. Feel free to contact Chuck at FocusSalon@brighthouse.com or 321.806.9148 to discuss your becoming a part of our community.
2) How much money could I make by switching to Focus Salon Suites?
Research has shown the salon professionals have an increase of 30% or more in take-home earnings when they move away from commission based salons. Use our calculator to get a more personalized idea.
3) How much money will it take to be an owner at Focus Salon Suites?
The only money you need to secure your private suite is two weeks rent. Then your interior decorating is up to you to fit your vision. We supply tilt back sink and your Paul Mitchell startup kit, styling chair and your styling station. You can be up and running without a lot of out of pocket expense.
4) When I contact you, is it confidential?
Of course, absolutely private, we are here to answer your questions. We promise you 100% confidentiality when you contact us.
5) Do you ever see my client info?
No. Your client list is private and yours alone. Only the number of clients will give you an approximate number of recurring clients you have. We will never ask to see your client list.
6) How long will it take to open the salon?
It is best to plan 2-4 weeks from the moment you say "yes". So let’s talk, and then view our suites. We will then see if we are a good fit together. Then you will need to sign a license agreement with your commitment of nine months, and the next thing you are seeing your clients in your new Focus Salon Suite!
7) What kind of contract do I have to sign?
Almost all of our stylists feel comfortable with a one year contract; however we will let you out of your agreement after nine months. Our agreement is very simple; you can always have an attorney review our agreement. Remember, when you are successful our Focus Salon Suite community is successful.
8) Will my client feel comfortable at Focus Salon Suites?
Think about the "Focus" being on your client. Not only do they enjoy your personally designed suite, the private conversations that clients confide in you are completely private. It's about time you are in charge of the environment. Your clients receive all of this and more with "Your" name on the door.
9) How will I let my clients know I am opening my own Focus Salon Suite?
Easy as one two three ...
1) Send out cards
2) E-mail alert
3) We will list you on our web page
10) What will I have to share with others?
The only contact is what you would like. We have a common area kitchen, with microwave and fridge for your convenience, and a laundry area.
11) Can I decorate my suite?
Yes, and you can personalize one feature wall with a color from our color chart and for a very small fee our painter will help paint the color you choose. All of your pictures and photos can be mounted with command strips so you can easily change your style.