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Local Entrepreneur Opens Brevard's First Salon Suite in Rockledge

richard quick
Today, salon and spa professionals have more career opportunities than ever before. The raging trend is with professional salon and spa suites for those independents who want a positive, life-changing alternative to traditional salons and chair rentals.
Focus Salon Suites provides the opportunity for established busy professionals with a clientele to break free from their commissioned structure and limited freedoms working for someone else. You can now easily own your own salon or spa business with no major investment. Renting a chair in a typical salon has financial benefits over working on a commission basis. However, chair rental does not provide the invaluable freedom, independence, ownership and entrepreneurial benefits that suite rental provides.
You have access to your suite 7 days a week with the ability to set your own work schedule, so you can come and go as you please. You can create your own service menu, set your own service and product prices as well as to sell the products that you prefer, while keeping all the profit. With a minimal investment and no long-term commitment, you can get started right away. At Focus Salon Suites, you have 100% control of your income and earning potential.

  • We offer licensed beauty professionals the opportunity to establish their own business by leasing top of the line, fully equipped, and furnished salon suites as a highly desired option to the traditional beauty salon or chair rental environment.
  • Beauty professionals can achieve their dream of owning their own salon without the heavy price tag of a regular start up. They can enjoy the increased income potential and freedom of business ownership in a professional, upscale environment to serve their clients.
  • Richard has taken the headaches out of starting a salon business and allows the beauty professional to do what they do best, that is to take care of their clients.
  • For the Client, Focus Salon Suites is one stop shopping. With 9 hair stylist professionals offering their own unique talents, skills and pricing there is something for everyone. There are also nail technicians, massage therapists and permanent make-up artists available.
  • The Salon Suite concept is sweeping the country and is the future of the Salon Industry.
  • Focus Salon Suites is the first all Salon Suites location in Brevard County and has a 95% occupancy rate.
  • With several more locations planned for Brevard there are unique investor opportunities available now. For more information contact Chuck Stypulkowski: 321.806.9148